Our Values

We provide to our customers, our employees and our environment promises...

Our company searches for innovative work types, production methods and organization styles that are suitable for basic aims and principles in order to achieve continuous development in line with new requirements. This is to catch the top quality in all fields at the highest level. We spend all efforts in order to produce defect-free products in the most economic way, to achieve highest professionalism in sales and reliable delivery.


Honesty and trustworthiness are two basic values of ours in all work processes and business relations. All our relations with our employees and with all stakeholders are based on honesty and trustworthiness.


We never disclose any information we come to obtain about any individuals, whether real or legal, we are in business cooperation, especially our customers, within the legal limits. This is because, respect to confidential information of our customers, particularly, and of all our stakeholders is a basic principle of ours.

Respect and affection

We are in love with our work. We approach our customers and employees in respect, affection and tolerance.

Responsibilities towards customers

We focus on customer satisfaction and adopt a proactive responsive way in order to meet customer needs and demands in the shortest time and in the most suitable way.  We render our services in the right time and conditions as promised and approach our customers in respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy.  Based on mutual trust, we construct lasting and close relations with our customers and run our business within the same approach. For us, a customer of ours is one of us...

Responsibilities towards employees

We ensure all employee rights are implemented correctly and completely. We approach our employees in honesty and justice, we reject any sort of discrimination and we commit a secure and healty work environment for our employees. We have created an understanding of “We” in our company, and we are determined to keep it in the same way. We are a family business and our employees are a part of the family.

Our responsibilities towards Vendors/Business Partners

We act in justice and respect as expected by a good customer and we do our best to comply with our liabilities in time. We carefully keep confidential all information of our business partners and everybody we are in business contact.

Responsibilities towards competitors

We keep competition in the effective way in only legal framework and ethical limits, we avoid from unfair competition. We support any efforts in the community towards constructing competitive structure in the targeted way.

Legal responsibilities

We conduct all our domestic and foreign operations and transactions in due accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey and applications of International Laws and we supply any information and or documents in full and correct way as requested by any legal and/or administrative bodies.

Social responsibility

We respect human being, personal rights and freedom and environment. We consider any requirements of this in all work processes and fulfill the same materially and morally under any condition.

Environment sensitivity

Based on continuous development and improvement, we implement careful methods for building-up precautions and removing risks by defining environment, health and security risks in order to design our products, solutions and activities in an environment friendly way.

We are taking into consideration all these things for all the company activities. And as a result we have become synonymous with the name Kartelacım to our clients, we are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions.