Production and R&D


Thanks to our production network that is thriving every day with investments to our factory following technological developments, production of our products with the same quality and standard is provided.

With our production and storage areas in İzmir Konak (2.100 m2) and Çiğli (3.000 m2), our paper processing capacity of 7,500 tons/year, our mass production park with 29 machines, our 21 personnel, our wide sales and distribution network, we operate in 81 provinces of Turkey and in 17 countries. We offer solutions to our customers in 15 different product categories.

With our quality certificates, social responsibility projects, the value we place on nature and people, our strong financial structure and technological investments, we are among Turkey's leading multidisciplinary printing facilities.


Following the technological developments closely, investing our factory and our growing production network, we maintain the quality and standard of our products, design paints appropriate for customers’ special mats, optimizing present products according to needs of customers, solving problems of customers’ as soon as possible.

Our R&D and technical service departments are in close link with our customers throughout all stages from formula build-up to the application of dye. Built-up formulas are presented to customers after confirmed by test productions done in pilot units.