Board Chart

The Art of Displaying Color

Industries with high volume purchases such as Architects, Interior Architects, Designers, Building Firms and Furniture Manufacturers often require a dedicated sales approach. No matter what material your colors are applied to, we can include all of them in the Board / Hanger Type. We can produce the color chips that we use inside, either fixed or removable.

The widely used Board / Hanger Type Color Chart is used for the purpose of more convenient and fast color selection of the customers in places where the color of your existing hand-held color chart is displayed, such as fairs, stands, dealers or DIY stores. Since the colors and surfaces are larger than the hand-held color chart, it provides ease of marketing.

We can produce this product as a portable, wall hung and freestanding product for presentation, completely customizing it for you.

Suitable for Color Matching

We can deliver your color calibrations in RGB or CMYK formats in accordance with ISO Fogra standards so that you can share your completed colored surfaces on your color chart on mobile media (Mailing, Website, Mobile App, etc.) or in your catalogs.