It is our responsibility to protect it.

Planet obligations very seriously. As the reality of a work/business, and an important management issue for our company as we are aware of the results of climate change. Therefore belittles our carbon footprint, reducing waste and protecting the precious natural resources and continue to find new ways of doing it we will.

Material efficiency

Raw materials, diminishes with each passing day, this effectively is the duty of all of us to be sure. In our production processes, raw materials, manufactured to get the most out of the waste that we believe contain the active management. It's just not our environmental footprint, reduce our costs at the same time.

Energy and climate

Climate change is important to the industry and the Governments of the world have become a source of concern. These are watching our CO2 emissions to combat the global threat, we examine and measure.


Industry nowadays, the world consumes more than one-fifth of the sweet juice. But it can't go on like this. For us, this status is scarce fresh water in regions where fresh water sources to look for ways to reduce the burden on the means we have.


Over time, some of the places that we have, as a result of the production process becomes contaminated. Our aim in the past to clean up all contaminated sites contaminated/and securely is to make available in the future.


Our facility to improve the quality of the surrounding air we're doing everything we can. This reduction of emissions caused by industrial production processes, and that means limiting.