Who is Kartelacım?

We are the leader in the color chart production sector in Turkey and the Middle East!

Kartelacım is a printing industry in itself, formed by the integrated group of companies of the Nefaset Group of Companies focused on meeting the needs and demands of its customers in the paint and chemistry sector as soon as possible, in the most accurate and reliable way.

We always aim for the "best" with the working principles we have added to the sector since 1977, technologies that catch up with the era, our customer-oriented working approach and professional perspective. In addition to our responsibility to nature and people, with our industry experience of more than 45 years, we aim to "understand" our customers; We maintain all our service processes in an exemplary working environment.

With our production and storage areas in İzmir Konak (2.100 m2) and Çiğli (3.000 m2), our paper processing capacity of 7,500 tons/year, our mass production park with
29 machines, our 21 personnel, our wide sales and distribution network, we operate in 81 provinces of Turkey and in 17 countries. We offer solutions to our customers in
15 different product categories.

With our quality certificates, social responsibility projects, the value we place on nature and people, our strong financial structure and technological investments, we are among Turkey's leading multidisciplinary printing facilities.

We continue to maintain our vision by leading the developments in our sector!


As the leader of the color chart printing industry in Turkey; To be the most preferred brand with its service quality, pioneering solutions and customer focus.


Understands the needs based on color marketing tools in the most accurate way,
We design effective and efficient solutions with our distinctive expertise,
With these solutions, we stand by our customers and
We make their life easier.