Automotive OEM & Refinish

Auto Repair Paints

The automotive color chart demonstrates Kartelacım's capability to produce the most complex paints with the highest accuracy and precision.

We have designed unique machines and color application solutions for the different needs of our automotive paint manufacturer customers. Our extensive R&D studies have made us stand out with our "highest accuracy" rates, that we use highly specialized techniques and materials.

We use real pigments, pearlescent and metallic flakes in our color application processes to achieve the same visual effect you see when color is applied to a vehicle. Whether OEM or Refinish, Kartelacim is the best supplier of color marketing tools for the performance coatings market.

The color of the vehicle you choose says a lot about who you are and how you want your driving experience to be. We are sure that your color decision will be final with Kartelacım's automotive products!

Suitable for Color Matching

We can deliver your color calibrations in RGB or CMYK formats in accordance with ISO Fogra standards so that you can share your completed colored surfaces on your color chart on mobile media (Mailing, Website, Mobile App, etc.) or in your printed catalogues.