RAL Classic

The RAL Classic colour collection

For almost 100 years RAL shades with their four-digit numbering have been a global standard for modern colour schemes in architecture, design, industry and skilled trades. The initial 40 colours in the RAL Classic colour collection have increased over the decades to the current 215 shades and it is continually being adapted to the changing requirements of public institutions and private industry. The RAL Classic collection includes shades which are used by public institutions and almost every sector of private industry or serve a higher public interest.

The basis for the reproduction of matt shades is the RAL 840-HR colour register, while it is the RAL 841-GL colour register for glossy shades. The registers serve as the colour template for designs and formulations of colour shades by industry, but also include safety and signal colours and satisfy the colour requirements of DIN standards.

As a result of its intense, fresh shades and metallic colours as well as the contrasting grey shades, the RAL Classic colour collection has continuously expanded its area of application. In addition to the original application in the field of standardisation of industrial processes as well as its use in the public sector, designers from a wide range of disciplines in more than 150 countries and in every continent now rely on the variety of the colour collection.