Wood Stains

High Quality Real Wood

Kartelacım offers unique products designed to accurately represent the moire and color of the real wood surface. We can offer our applications on file/folder paper, fan color charts, color chips, bag marketing kits and wall mounted POP materials. We can include all types of wood such as wood veneers (Natural/Artificial) and solid wood (Natural/Artificial) in our production line.

We design your charts only for you, ergonomically, economically and in the size you want, in a way that best describes you. We do our applications with our robots or manually in our cabins, depending on the type of paint. We cut the product (coating, real tree, etc.) you want to display in the color chart, cleanly and in straight or special shapes according to your wishes. With the robots we have developed, we stick your product parts to the color chart without any errors and securely.

Suitable for Color Matching

We can deliver your color calibrations in RGB or CMYK formats in accordance with ISO Fogra standards so that you can share your completed colored surfaces on your color chart on mobile media (Mailing, Website, Mobile App, etc.) or in your catalogs.

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